Our Tax Resolution Process

We Provide Secure And Expert Resolution of U.S. Tax Problems Worldwide

Tax Resolution In Four Easy Steps

The Samaritan Tax Relief process makes it easy to address your IRS and/or state tax problems in Four Easy Steps. Below is an overview of our simple tax process:

1. Complete Our Free Tax Resolution Evaluation Request

We believe in getting familiar with your tax problem before we get started so that we can analyze your situation and draft a complete engagement letter to resolve your tax issue for your review.

Our Tax Resolution evaluation provides a chance for both of us to understand your tax resolution needs. The engagement letter details the scope of the tax representation work that we will perform for you and the cost for these services. This way there are no surprises. Of course, if there are areas that are uncovered in subsequent steps (for example, background research with the IRS or state uncovers additional tax problems) we will request and seek your approval for a change in engagement scope.

We are available to meet by phone or skype to assist you in completing the evaluation request.

2. Review/Sign Engagement Letter

This step engages us to be your tax representative with the IRS and/or state in order to resolve your tax problems. An invoice will be sent to you after receiving your signed engagement letter. We require a retainer based on the quoted fee – we accept all major credit cards and can discuss a payment plan based on your needs and ability to pay. 

Within one business day after receiving your payment, we will provide an invitation to register for our secure collaboration portal. We will set-up an engagement folder for “your access only” on our secure client collaboration portal to upload the documents that are needed to work on resolving your tax issues.

We have created for you a very simple, powerful and secure way for us to collaborate, communicate and share files and information with our collaboration software. Our #1 goal is to make your experience with Samaritan Tax Relief seamless and simplified.

Our all-inclusive tool that combines the security of an online file portal and email communications into a centralized, secure and organized area.

Think along the lines of… no more sifting through emails or searching for attachments… All files, emails, comments and attachments related to your engagement will all be in one secure and organized location. We are keeping it very simple – no more wasting time.

Not only that… you will clearly see for your engagement – milestones, tasks and instructions in a private area set up just for “you” and for “us” so that you’ll never wonder what’s outstanding and in need of a status update. Everything will be available and organized and accessible to only those involved in your engagement. You can see the status of your engagement in “real time”.

You will find that we offer our app (which of course is free to our clients) for the iPhone, Android, Google Chrome and the Web. Everything is in the cloud, accessible anywhere and anytime, and 100% secure.

We believe that this makes the tax resolution process even more worry-free and effortless for you.

As always, we are available to assist you at any step of this process along the way.

3. Implement Your Tax Resolution Plan

Simply put, you provide the requested documents and information and we do all the hard work behind the scenes as your tax representative. No need to talk to the IRS or state tax authority – we take care of all the long aggravating calls on hold, remove the frustration that your tax problems never seem to go away, make them disappear, so that you can sleep easy, knowing that your tax resolution is in good hands.

If you don’t have access to a scanner to upload documents, you can take a picture with your phone and upload securely with your collaboration portal application that can be installed on your phone. Or if you prefer, your documents can be faxed or mailed to us. Depending on the nature of your tax problem, your tax resolution can take anywhere from a few days to several months – but we will always be in touch with you every step of the way so you are never at a loss to know your engagement status.

4. Review Tax Resolution Results

Once your the resolution of your tax problem is complete, we will provide a thorough summary of the outcome and any ongoing obligations you may have and instructions thereof (such as payment plan instructions). We can also schedule a meeting with you over the phone or skype (with screen share) to provide a review of your tax resolution. We want you to make sure you have have the opportunity to understand your outcome and answer any questions that you may have. .

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