Tax Notices

Tax Notices

I Got An IRS Notice or State Notice Or Letter

The IRS and State tax authorities send tax notices and other correspondence by mail. The tax letter may be about a specific issue on your federal tax return or state tax return. It can also be about your tax account – changes to your account such as requesting more information or an additional payment.

Understanding Your Tax Notice

All tax notices will have instructions explaining the reason for the notice and instructions on how to respond. Each notice generally tells you:

  • What is changing on your tax return or tax account
  • Additional information needed for your return or account
  • Why the IRS or State is making a change or why additional information is needed
  • When and where a response is required

Tax Notice Categories

Most tax notices fall under the following general categories:

  • Information Notices: Some notices are just informational, for example, stating that your account has been adjusted or a return has been received. These notices are just for your records and a response is not required.
  • Changes To Your Tax Return Or Account: The IRS or State may have already made a correction to your tax return or be requesting additional information to determine if there was a mistake.

    Common tax notices for changes include:
    • An incorrect return, where a mistake was made on the return and the return is being corrected
    • Unreported income where not all of your income is reported on your tax return
    • You’re being audited or examined or an audit was just completed and you are receiving a notice of proposed changes or examination findings

  • Notice Of Taxes Owed: If you have a balance on your tax account, you’ll receive a tax notice letting you know how much is owed, when it’s due, how to pay and other adjustments made to your tax owed (such as additional tax interest and tax penalties)

Important Points Regarding Tax Notices

If you receive an IRS notice or state tax notice keep these important “common-sense” points in mind:

  • Don’t Ignore It: Your tax issue and problems will not go away if you ignore the tax notice or choose not to open the letter. Open the letter and take action quickly.
  • Follow Instructions: The tax notice will provide deadlines to respond and to take action. Be sure to follow the instructions and again take action whether on your own or with professional tax resolution representation.
  • Focus On The Issue: IRS notices and state tax notices will address a specific tax issue regarding your tax return or tax account (i.e. taxes owed). The notice will explain the issue and will provide direction on the scope of the tax resolution needed.
  • Correction Notice: Third parties (such as your employer, bank, etc.) report income and other tax information to the IRS and States such as W-2s, 1099s and more. If information reported on your return doesn’t match information reported by third parties or there are other issues with your return such as calculation errors, the IRS and States will issue correction notices for your tax return.

    You should review the information in the correction notice and compare it to your original return. If you agree with the correction, you don’t need to reply unless a payment is due. If you don’t agree, you must respond to the notice and address what the disagreement with the correction.

  • Retain A Copy Of The Notice: Be sure to keep the tax notice as part of your tax record retention and to have available for your tax resolution specialist.
  • Be Aware Of Scams: Phone and e-mail phishing scams are very common. The IRS and most states will first contact you by mail first and never by email or phone

Samaritan Tax Relief Tax Notice Support

When you hire Samaritan Tax Relief to represent you with a tax notice received, we will help you understand why the IRS and/or State has contacted you. We will instruct you on what documentation needs to be gathered with specifics and we will formally respond to the IRS and/or State on your behalf.

We provide you with professional tax resolution representation so that you’ll never have to speak to the IRS or State.

Samaritan Tax Relief is here to help you because when you’re dealing with a tax problem, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all? The best decision is to take the necessary first step and to get help now!

If you are unable to resolve your tax notice without help, you can get help from the tax resolution professionals at Samaritan Tax Relief.

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