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Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services

Finding The Right Tax Preparation Services

When searching for tax preparation services, the right tax preparer can help you find often-missed deductions and credits, helping you net the largest possible refund, lowest tax liability and make sure that you are fully compliant with your tax filing requirements in filing an accurate and complete U.S. tax return. They can also make the process of doing your taxes easier, making tax time a little less stressful.

Why Hiring A Tax Preparation Service Is A Smart Move

Utilizing a tax professional is a smart move when it comes to completing your taxes. With easy-to-overlook deductions, changing tax laws and the endless array of forms that need filling out, a tax professional can make the process a lot less complicated. Trying to do your taxes yourself and forgetting to include an important piece of information on your return can result in very long delays from your refund and result in paying more tax than you are legally liable for.

Whether you are a first-time tax filer or you normally use a tax professional to prepare your return, it is important to know how to find the best tax preparation services for your needs. Your tax return is likely one of your largest financial transactions of the year. It is important to have someone prepare your taxes that understands your unique tax situation. In addition, you are legally responsible for all of the information on your tax return so having a tax professional that is experienced is a must.

How do you know whether or not you have found the right service to help you prepare your taxes? Here are some things to look for when choosing tax preparation services.

What Is Their Background?

There are so many different types of tax professionals and some of them specialize in vastly different areas. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for your needs. Here is a basic guide to tax professionals:

Enrolled Agent

An Enrolled Agent (EA) has specialized training as an employee of the Internal Revenue Service or has passed a comprehensive examination through the IRS. These professionals can provide quite a range of tax preparation services, from tax preparation to representing you during an audit. They are typically less expensive than a tax attorney and can resolve complicated tax issues, as well. They are known as “America’s Tax Experts”.

Tax Attorney

This is a person that has a law degree and specializes in tax issues. Generally, tax attorneys do not assist with completing tax returns. They specialize in resolving complex tax issues. Even if you are being audited or have a collections issue, there are other tax professionals, such as an Enrolled Agent, that would be able to help you at a much lower cost. Tax attorneys are generally used when someone is facing criminal or fraud charges related to tax issues.

PTIN Holders

These tax preparers have an active preparer tax identification number from the IRS, allowing them to provide tax preparation services on your behalf. But, they do not have a professional license or the extensive training that an Enrolled Agent possesses. These tax preparers can help you file your taxes but cannot represent you with the IRS such as during an audit or resolving collection issues.

It is best to choose the tax professional that has experience in assisting people with similar tax issues to yours. Some tax professionals specialize in tax-exempt organizations others are skilled at foreign tax issues. Make sure that whoever does your return is experienced in helping people with tax issues very similar to your own.

Can They File Your Return Electronically?

Since electronic filing debuted in 1990, more than one billion tax returns have been processed this way. It is the quickest, easiest way to process your return and get your refund. In addition, electronic filing tends to result in fewer math errors. So, verify that the preparation service that you are considering does electronic filing. It really will make things so much easier at tax time.

How Can You Reach Them If You Have a Question After Tax Season?

Every year, there are a number of tax preparation shops that tend to pop up everywhere around tax time. Getting in contact with these preparers can present real problems when you need advice or assistance after tax season is over. Sometimes the IRS will request information in September of October. This can present a real problem if you cannot locate your tax preparer when you need help. Ask the preparer how you can get in contact with them after your return has been filed. If it seems like it will be difficult or even impossible to contact them later, find someone else to do your taxes. At Samaritan Tax Relief, we are open and available year-round.

If You Get Audited, What Kind of Help Will They Provide?

Although it is never pleasant to think about being audited, it is important to consider what kind of help you will get if this ever happens. Being audited is very stressful, during an active audit is not the time to learn that your tax preparer cannot help you when you need it most. Therefore, ask ahead of time what kind of assistance the preparer can provide during an audit.

Can they answer questions and represent you with the IRS?

As Enrolled Agents, Samaritan Tax Relief is experienced in dealing with a wide range of tax issues. The tax professionals at Samaritan Tax Relief will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your tax preparation needs.

If you are ready to hire a qualified tax professional to handle your problems with the IRS, contact Samaritan Tax Relief today to get help with your tax preparation services!

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Samaritan Tax Relief is a team of Enrolled Agents with over 25 years of experience focusing on US tax resolution services. We maintain this tax blog where all articles are written by Enrolled Agents. Our main objective is to educate US taxpayers on their tax responsibilities and the selection of a tax professional to resolve their tax problem.
When looking for a tax professional, choose carefully. We recommend that you hire a credentialed tax professional such as Samaritan Tax Relief that is an Enrolled Agent (America’s Tax Experts).

Randall Brody is an enrolled agent, licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS for audits, collections and appeals. To attain the enrolled agent designation, candidates must demonstrate expertise in taxation, fulfill continuing education credits and adhere to a stringent code of ethics.

Every effort has been taken to provide the most accurate and honest analysis of the tax information provided in this blog. Please use your discretion before making any decisions based on the information provided. This blog is not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional tax advice based on your individual needs.

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Updated: May 14, 2017

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